Some of our more important milestones…

  • May 2014: Adoption of the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy
  • April 2016: EAHP Implementation team is put in place
  • June 2016: Project plan approved at the 46th EAHP General Assembly
  • August 2016: Strategic implementation plan sent out to EAHP members
  • October 2016: 1st EAHP Meeting of Implementation Ambassadors
  • November/December 2016: Action plan designed with ambassadors
  • March 2017: Launch of the Statement implementation website at the 22nd EAHP Congress
  • June 2017: Demonstration of the beta version of the self-assessment tool
  • June 2017: 47th General Assembly in Malta: Workshop on Statement Implementation and self-assessment tool
  • October 2017: Second meeting of Implementation Ambassadors

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