Implementation Plan

The Statement Implementation project 

The implementation plan draws on the 44 Statements, on meetings with patient groups, fellow healthcare practitioners and the goals of our member countries. It moves the 44 European statements into the next logical incarnation: a clear compelling plan for what we are about and where we intend to go next to achieve improved patient outcomes through advancements in pharmacy practice.

The timeline is ambitious, set at 5 years with the assumption that implementation started in 2014. EAHP cannot achieve the goals of the 44 statements on its own and EAHP welcomes participation by all stakeholders in the medication use process with the project implementation team.

Implementation plan

EAHP and its national associations are working to bring about the full achievement of the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy within its member countries. EAHP organised workshops during the 46th and the 47th EAHP General Assembly (June 2016, June 2017) to discuss and review the project with our members. EAHP has progressed the following actions since the project was approved

  • Developing a Strategic Implementation Plan (yearly updated)
  • Creating strong national implementation networks
  • Designing an awareness campaign
  • Setting up a Statement Implementation website (
  • Developing a self-assessment tool allowing hospital pharmacists to assess the level of Statement implementation within their hospitals.
  • Approaching European and national relevant stakeholders
  • Designing national implementation strategies
  • Building up resources

Working with other relevant European healthcare associations

Medicine management is multidisciplinary and is described in this context in the Statements. Consistent with this approach EAHP is working with health management associations; doctors and nurses associations,  patient groups and other healthcare associations to find ways to collaborate during the implementation project.

In addition to that, these are some of theEuropean healthcare associations have already endorsed the Statements:

•European Specialist Nursing Organizations
•European Oncology Nursing Society
•European Nurse Directors Associations
•The European Heart and Lung Transplant Federation
•European Federation of Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Associations
•European Parkinson’s Disease Association
•European Patient Cancer Coalition
•European Industry Pharmacist Group
•European Multiple Sclerosis Platform
•European Federation of Faculties of Pharmacy
•European Society of Oncology Pharmacy
•European Society of Clinical Pharmacy
•European Patients Forum
•European Federation of Internal Medicine
•European Federation of Neurological Associations

Learn more about these associations and other stakeholders supporting the Statements here.

Statement Implementation Learning Collaborative Centres (SILCC)

EAHP is identifying SILCC within its member countries. EAHP considers SILCC as hospitals willing to provide training to hospital pharmacists all over Europe in procedures related to the Statements.  The initiative will be launched during the next EAHP Congress in Gothenburg (March 2018). EAHP will provide national associations with a small grant to help national hospital pharmacists participating in the initiative. 

Self-assessment tool

EAHP is developing a self-assessment tool that will allow hospital pharmacists to assess the level of implementation within their countries:

  • The primary purpose is to help individual hospitals to assess the level of implementation within their hospitals;
  • It will also show progress with implementation;
  • the tool will provide an individualised action plan that will allow further progress on implementing individual Statements;
  • finally, it will allow hospitals to know where they are within their country regarding implementation.

The self-assessment tool will complement the information we have been collecting through our regular surveys and will be available by September 2017 and officially launched during the next EAHP Congress in Gothenburg (March 2018).

Further Projects-Common Training Framework (CTF)

In addition to the Statements, EAHP and its 35 country member’s platforms are creating a common training framework for Hospital Pharmacy education in Europe. The framework will support the raising of standards in hospital pharmacy practice and thereby enhance the quality of, safety of, and equity of access to, patient care in every European country. It will provide another key tool for all countries in delivering the vision of the 44 European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy.