EAHP has developed the self-assessment tool with the help of Edgimo, an US based company. The license used to develop the tool was provided by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

In order to develop the tool, EAHP also had the help of a working group of highly qualified hospital pharmacists:

  • Introductory statements and governance: Tony West (UK), Joan Peppard (Ireland) and Roberto Frontini (Italy)
  • Selection, Procurement and distribution: Rute Varela (Portugal) and Trine Kart Sorensen (Denmark)
  • Clinical Pharmacy: Darija Kuruk Poje (Croatia) and Dave Thornton (England)
  • Patient Safety and Quality Assurance: Tony West (UK) and Darija Kuruk Poje (Croatia)
  • Production and Compounding: Vagn Neerup (Denmark), Paul Le Brun (Netherlands)
  • Education and Research: Francesca Venturini (Italy), Torsten Hoppe-Tichy (Germany), Irene Kraemer (Germany)

EAHP also wants to thank all EAHP delegates and our national associatons for their valuable feedback during the development of the self-assessment tool. Several workshops were organised during the 46th EAHP General Assembly (Prague, June 2016) and the 47th General Assembly (Malta, June 2017) to discuss and review the alpha and beta versions of the self-assessment tool.

We want to thank also all the participants who tested the alpha version of the tool during the 22nd EAHP Congress in Cannes (March 2017).