Who supports the statements?

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Hospital Pharmacy profession

The European Society of Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP) is an international association founded in 1979 by clinical practitioners, researchers and educators from several European countries. The overall mission of the Society is to develop and promote the rational and appropriate use of medicines, medical products and devices by the individual and by society.

ESCP's over 500 individual members include clinical pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, community pharmacists, researchers and educators from 53 countries. Pharmacists, pharmacy students or other healthcare professionals working in the community, hospital, academic setting, industry or any other healthcare setting are eligible to become members of ESCP. Learn more about ESCP at http://www.escpweb.org

Pelase find ESCP letter of endorsement by clicking here


The European Society of Oncology Pharmacy, founded in 2000 in Prague, is the largest organisation of oncology pharmacists in the world. We are a membership-based society with about 3500 members from 52 countries. Our mission is to support optimal treatment for cancer patients.

 ESOP aims to develop and promote clinical and oncology pharmacy practice through

i)        education and training

ii)       safe handling and administration of drugs

iii)      implementation of standardised quality management for oncology pharmacy throughout its

member states

iv)      performing  research and encouraging innovation in oncology pharmacy

v)       enhancing pharmaceutical patient care.

 Furthermore, ESOP is dedicated to make information on knowledge and achievements in cancer treatment and activities available to the public.  ESOP spreads information on oncology pharmacy by publications, professional activities as well as educational lectures and seminars.

Please find here ESOP's letter of endorsement

Education Providers

EAFP is at the forefront of developments in pharmacy education and pharmacy in the various professional settings including community pharmacy, hospital and clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy and the pharmaceutical regulatory field. EAFP serves as a platform for its member institutions to be part of the changes, plan the future and address challenges to ensure that the high standards that are achieved in pharmacy education and research within faculties of pharmacy are maintained.Learn more about the work done by EAFP at www.eafponline.eu.

Find EAFP letter of endorsement here.  




ECPC works for a Europe of equality, where all European cancer patients have timely and affordable access to the best treatment and care available, throughout their life. ECPC believes that cancer patients are the most important partners in the fight against cancer and against all the cancer-related issues affecting our society. Policy makers, researchers, doctors and industry should recognize cancer patients as co-creators of their own health.

 Visit www.ecpc.eu to learn more about them

The European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (EFA) have a vision that it is for all people with allergy, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in Europe to live uncompromised lives, have the right and access to best quality care, participate in their care and to have a safe environment.

EFA mission is to be the voice of allergy, asthma and COPD patients at European level and to be actively involved in the decisions impacting their health by:

1. Advocating at EU level for the needs of people with allergy, asthma and COPD

2. Enabling a powerful European network of patients’ organisations

3. Valuing all members equally

4. Sharing knowledge and implementing best practices

5. Creating patient driven projects

6. Cooperating with health care professionals, scientists and other stakeholders/NGOs

You can find more information about EFA here.

The European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) is an umbrella group representing pan-European neurology patient groups 

Our slogan ‘Empowering Patient Neurology Groups’ encapsulates our goals as an Association. We strive to add capacity to our members – allowing them to be the most effective advocates possible in their own disease specific areas.

EFNA embraces the concept of Partnership for Progress – working at a high level with relevant stakeholders from the fields of policy, medical, scientific/research, industry, patient partners and other key opinion leaders.

EFNA' smission

  • To influence policy makers and legislators in Europe (and particularly in the European Union) to prioritise resource allocation to reduce the burden for people living with a neurological disorder.
  • To communicate with our members to achieve positive change and to ensure that our actions both represent and provide added value to their own concerns and activities.
  • To establish strong partnerships and alliances with relevant stakeholders in the scientific, clinical, political and corporate arenas to help us to reach our goals – partnership for progress.

EFNA's value

  • Trustworthiness and transparency – we will be open, honest and ethical in all we do.
  • Respect and democracy – we respect one another’s differences and contributions.
  • Sustainability – we will make best use of our resources to bring about changes that produce permanent benefits for our members and will plan our activities to ensure EFNA’s future.

The EHLTF is:

  • a federation of European National Heart and Lung Transplant Patient Associations.
  • a member of the European Patients Forum. (EPF)

 In pursuit of their primary aims and objectives, it is the intention of the EHLTF to pursue a policy of enlargement and inclusion, embracing all European Countries who wish to be members, and to become an authoritative Pan-European Patient voice in all areas of Cardiothoracic Transplantation. EHLTF will also seek to become the authoritative voice representing our growing membership in its dealing with the European Parliament in the maintenance, support and further development of cardio-thoracic transplantation and to communicate all or any developments to its membership.

Visit www.ehltf.org to learn more about them.

EMHF is the only European organisation dedicated to the improvement of men’s health in all its aspects. Its vision is a future in which all men in Europe have an equal opportunity to attain the highest possible level of health and well-being.

Its mission is to improve men’s health across all countries in Europe by promoting collaboration between interested organisations and individuals on the development and application of health-related policies, research, education and prevention programmes.

EMHF is committed to gender equality, fully supports activities to improve women’s health, and opposes the re-allocation of funding from women’s to men’s health

Learn more about EMHF by visiting www.emhf.org


The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) is firmly committed to an ultimate vision of a world without multiple sclerosis (MS).

We work on a three pillar approach to ensure that people with MS have a real voice in determining their own objectives and priorities:

  • campaigning through advocacy and awareness-raising;
  • collecting and sharing knowledge and expertise;
  • encouraging research and data collection.

Theri presentation brochure can be found here.

Find more about EMPS here.

EPDA is a non-political, non-religious and not-for-profit organization. Its mission is to enable all people with Parkinson’s to live a full life while supporting the search for a cure and To become the leading voice for Parkinson’s in Europe by providing innovative leadership, information and resources to all Parkinson’s stakeholders.

Visit www.epda.eu to learn more about them.

The European Patients’ Forum (EPF) is an umbrella organisation that works with patients’ groups in public health and health advocacy across Europe. Our members represent specific chronic disease groups at EU level or are national coalitions of patients.

EPF Vision is that all patients with chronic conditions in Europe have access to high-quality, patient-centred health and related care.E

EPF Mission is to be the collective influential patient voice in European health and related policies and a driving force to advance patient empowerment and equitable patient access to care in Europe.

EPF helps to empower patients’ organisations through educational seminars, policy initiatives and projects. We coordinate best practice exchanges between patient organisations at European and national levels. Our programmes also help to strengthen their organisational and advocacy capacity.

Please learn more about EPF here.


The European Federation of Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis Associations is an umbrella organization representing 33 national patient associations.  EFCCA aims to improve the quality of life for people with IBD and give them a louder voice and higher visibility across Europe and beyond. Its headquarter is based in Brussels and has three staff members that work alongside the Executive Board which consists of 6 elected representatives from its member associations.

Visit www.efcca.org to


E.I.P.G. is a European association representing the national, professional organizations of pharmacists employed in the pharmaceutical or allied industries of the Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area, or European countries having a mutual recognition agreement with the European Union on compliance control of regulated medicines. Its foundation dates back to 1966 and, over the years, it has progressed in its activities in line with the evolution of the European Union.

As a European association having its official seal with the French Order of Pharmacists, EIPG is registered at the Prefecture of Police in Paris.

Today EIPG represents about 10 000 pharmacists working in the European industry.

Visit www.eipg.eu to learn more about EIPG.

Please find the EIPG endorsement letter.

Healthcare Professionals - Doctors

The European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM) was founded in 1996 from the Association Européenne de Médicine Interne (AEMI)*. AEMI itself had been founded in 1969 by members of the UEMS monospecialty section on internal medicine to provide a scientific organisation for European internal medicine. EFIM was formed by bringing together the national societies of internal medicine from each of the European countries, both inside and outside the European Union. EFIM currently comprises 35 member Societies representing over 40,000 internists.

The purpose of EFIM is to re-emphasise the importance of Internal Medicine in a world of increasing specialisation. There are close links with the European Union through the Monospecialty Committee of UEMS (Union of European Medical Specialists) and with ISIM (International Society of Internal Medicine).

You can find more information about EFIM here.




ESMO is the leading European professional organisation for medical oncology. Comprising over 20,000 oncology professionals from over 150 countries, ESMO is the society of reference for oncology education and information. ESMO is committed to supporting their members to develop and advance in a fast-evolving professional environment.

ESMO seeks to erase boundaries in cancer care, whether between countries or specialities and pursue our mission across oncology, worldwide.

ESMO's vision:

  • To improve the quality of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, supportive and palliative care, as well as the follow-up of patients with malignant disorders
  • To advance the art, science, recognition, and practice of oncology
  • To disseminate knowledge in oncology to cancer patients and the public
  • To educate and train persons involved in clinical cancer care and research
  • To promote education in oncology in order to ensure a high standard of qualification of medical oncologists within the multidisciplinary team
  • To facilitate equal access to optimal cancer care to all cancer patients
  • To maintain liaisons with other oncology specialities, cancer leagues, universities, patient groups and, where appropriate, the pharmaceutical industry

Cancer care is rapidly becoming more integrated and more specialised; whether their field is research, diagnosis, treatment, care, or advocacy, oncology professionals need to both build their specialist knowledge and connect with the best practitioners in other disciplines worldwide. ESMO membership makes this possible.

We seek to erase boundaries in cancer care, whether between countries or specialities and pursue our mission across oncology, worldwide.

Healthcare Professionals - Nurses

The European Nurse Directors Association (ENDA) was founded in 1992 in Geneva, Switzerland for the purpose of building a network between nurse directors throughout Europe. 

ENDA’s main objectives are:

  • to strengthen the nursing contribution to policy making in the context of healthcare management in Europe
  • to establish formal links between Nurse Directors and Nurse Leaders across Europe to support a communication network of experts
  • to further the development of the art and science of nursing leadership and management in Europe

Visit www.enda-europe.com to learn more about them.

ENDA endorsement letter.

The European Oncology Nursing Society is a pan-European organisation dedicated to the support and development of cancer nurses. Through our individual members and national societies we engage in projects to help nurses develop their skills, network with each other and raise the profile of cancer nursing across Europe. EONS is an independent, not-for-profit, voluntary organisation registered as a charity (UK number 802484)

Visit www.cancernurse.eu to learn more about them

The goal of European Specialist Nurses Organisations (ESNO) is to facilitate and provide an effective framework for communication and co-operation between the European Specialist Nurses Organisation and its constituent members in order to represent the mutual interests and benefits of these organisations to the wider European community, for the interest of the public health.  

Visit www.esno.org to learn more about them

Endorsement letter from ESNO