Statement Implementation Learning Collaborative Centres (SILCC)

What is the SILCC Programme?

EAHP has launched the Statement Implementation Learning Collaborative programme (SILCC) as part of its Statement Implementation project. The SILCC programme will allows hospital pharmacists (SILCC Fellows) to visit hospitals (SILCC hosts) from other EAHP member countries to learn about pharmacy procedures linked to the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy. The EAHP Implementation team has developed this programme with the help of the EAHP Board, its national associations and the national implementation ambassadors.

Please keep in mind that at this moment EAHP is not providing grants for this programme and SILCC Fellows will have to cover their owns costs of travel and accomodation.

What is a SILCC Host and how can they join the SILCC programme?

SILCC hosts are hospitals from EAHP member countries willing to provide training in pharmacy procedures related to the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy. All hospitals willing to apply to become a SILCC Hosts need to assess their pharmacy using the EAHP Self-assessment tool.

Requirements to become a SILCC Host: 

  • Must have completed the Self-assessment tool
  • Identify up to 5 Statements where the hospital can provide training on. The Statements can be from different Sections.
  • Obtain an 70% overall score on the self-assessment tool
  • Fill out and send the application form to
  • Approval of the national association and the EAHP board for that country
  • Applicant should be able to evidence the organisational commitment to training and education, e.g. through already taking trainees

 Reward system for SILCC Hosts:

  • One complimentary Congress registration on acceptance as a SILCC Host
  • One complimentary Congress registration following placement of the first SILCC Fellow with that SILCC Host
  • Congratulatory letter to hospital management
  • Badge ribbon at congress

Learn more about the application process here.

What is a SILCC Fellow and how can they join the programme?

SILCC Fellows are hospital pharmacists willing to visit a SILCC Host to receive training in procedures linked to the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy. All SILCC Fellows willing to visit a SILCC Host need to assess their pharmacies using the Self-assessment tool (SAT).

Requirements to become a SILCC Fellow:

  • Complete the self-assessment tool and be able to demonstrate through the Action Plan created as part of the assessment the need for Implementation progress on one or more Statements
  • Identify a SILCC Host (project implementation team would be able to help if required) able to offer support for implementation of the priority Statements identified in the SAT Action Plan
  • Commitment from the applicant’s Hospital to undertake further SAT updates in order to demonstrate impact on implementation locally
  • Support of the pharmacy and hospital management
  • Support of the her/his national association
  • Fill and send the application form to EAHP

EAHP will provide a limited financial support. Contact EAHP at to learn more about the support provided by EAHP.

Learn more about the SILCC application process here.