European Society of Oncology Pharmacy

The European Society of Oncology Pharmacy, founded in 2000 in Prague, is the largest organisation of oncology pharmacists in the world. We are a membership-based society with about 3500 members from 52 countries. Our mission is to support optimal treatment for cancer patients.

 ESOP aims to develop and promote clinical and oncology pharmacy practice through

i)        education and training

ii)       safe handling and administration of drugs

iii)      implementation of standardised quality management for oncology pharmacy throughout its

member states

iv)      performing  research and encouraging innovation in oncology pharmacy

v)       enhancing pharmaceutical patient care.

 Furthermore, ESOP is dedicated to make information on knowledge and achievements in cancer treatment and activities available to the public.  ESOP spreads information on oncology pharmacy by publications, professional activities as well as educational lectures and seminars.

Please find here ESOP's letter of endorsement


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