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Northern Health and Social Care Trust-Antrim Area Hospital




The Northern Health and Social Care Trust-Antrim Hospital  is an outsanding teaching and public funded hospital located in Antrim, Northern Ireland (UK). This hospital cannot provide financial grants to SILCC Fellows but please keep in mind that EAHP can provide limited financial help to SILCC Fellows (contact the EAHP Implementation team at for more details about our financial help). THIS HOSPITAL IS NOT ACCEPTING SILCC FELLOWS AT THE MOMENT.

  • Number of beds served by the hospital pharmacy: 100-500
  • Number of pharmacists employed: 70
  • Number of pharmacy technicians: 42
  • Pharmacy support stuff: 15
  • Number of trainees:6

The pharmacy staff speaks both English.  Northern Health and Social Care Trust-Antrim Hospital can provide accomadation to SILCC Fellows.


Description of the training

Northern Health and Social Care Trust-Antrim Area Hospital will provide training on the following Statements:

S.4.1 " Hospital pharmacists should be involved in all patient care settings to prospectively influence collaborative, multidisciplinary therapeutic decision-making; they should play a full part in decision making including advising, implementing and monitoring medication changes in full partnership with patients, carers and other health care professionals

S.4.1 “All prescriptions should be reviewed and validated as soon as possible by a hospital pharmacist. Whenever the clinical situation allows, this review should take place prior to the supply and administration of medicines.”

S.4.4" "All the medicines used by patients should be entered on the patient's medical record and reconciled by the hospital pharmacist on admission. Hospital pharmacists should assess the appropriateness of all patients’ medicines, including herbal and dietary supplements.” 

S.4.5 “Hospital pharmacists should promote seamless care by contributing to transfer of information about medicines whenever patients move between and within healthcare setting"

S.4.8 "Clinical pharmacy services should continuously evolve to optimise patients’ outcomes."

Outline of the training experience provided by the Northern Health and Social Care Trust-Antrim Area Hospital:

The training provided will include all aspcets of clinical pharmacy services from admission, inpatient stay and at discharge. This will show the extensive role in medicines reconciliation at all stages of the patient journey. The role of the independent prescribing pharmacist will be demonstrated and the role of the clinical pharmacy technician will also be highlighted.

Duration of training: up to four weeks.

Apply to become a SILCC Fellow at Northern Health and Social Care Trust-Antrim Area Hospital

Please fill out the following form and send it back to with the subject "SILCC Fellow application form". 

If you have more questions about the Northern Health and Social Care Trust-Antrim Area Hospital and the training they will provide, please contact the EAHP Implementation team at

Please remember that in addition to the SILCC Fellow form, you need to send the following documents after assessing your pharmacy using the self-assessment tool with your colleagues and Chief pharmacist/Directory of Pharmacy:


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Statement 4.1
Statement 4.2
Statement 4.4
Statement 4.5
Statement 4.8