22nd Congress: Launch of the Statement Implementation project


Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 11:00

Moving from Statement to Implementation

Launch of the Statement implementation website 

An important milestone has been reached! EAHP is launching during its 22nd Congress in Cannes (22-24 March) an updated website as part of the Statement Implementation project.

EAHP updated website has now an entire section dedicated to the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy. This section provides an overview of why the Statements are so important to a variety of stakeholders, ranging from patients and policy makers through to other healthcare practitioners, as well as our many partners in industry and academia.

The website also provides a range of resources to help with the implementation of the Statements within individual hospitals or at the level of a region or nation. These resources will include an evidence base for each of the Statements plus general material to assist our member associations with implementation.

Click here to check our new website!

Endorsement of the European Statements

As part of the Statement implementation project, EAHP is approaching European healthcare organizations to introduce the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy. So far, the following EU associations have endorsed the Statements:

  • European Specialist Nursing Organizations
  • European Oncology Nursing Society
  • European Nurse Directors Associations
  • The European Heart and Lung Transplant Federation
  • European Federation of Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Associations
  • European Cancer Patient Coalition
  • European Industrial Pharmacists Group
  • European Society of Oncology Pharmacy
  • European Parkinson’s Disease Association
  • European Multiple Sclerosis Platform

Click here to learn who supports the Statements.


For specific information about the project, please contact: Statements@eahp.eu


1. The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is an association of national organisations across 34 countries representing hospital pharmacists at European and international levels. More information about the EAHP is available here.

2. The 44 European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy are a set of hospital pharmacy practice standards designed to assist European health systems in ensuring safe, effective and optimal use of medicines in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams. The statements were formulated following an 18-month review process, which included two rounds of Delphi consultation with EAHP's 34 member country associations and patient and healthcare professional organisations. More information about the statements here.

3. Requests for interviews with Joan Peppard and/or Tony West can be made by contacting: Statements@eahp.eu.