Ambassador Profile: Slovenia- Vesna Bizjak


Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 11:45

How did you become involved as implementation ambassador for Slovenia?

I am a delegate to the GA EAHP since 2014 and we were discussing the statements at GA meetings and the implementation on national level on several occasions.Section of hospital pharmacists of Slovenia selected me as a representative in this field because as a delegate I was familiar with this topic.

Why do you believe that moving towards Statement implementation in Slovenia could help to improve patients outcomes?

Hospital pharmacy services differ in hospitals across Europe. The Statements are European “standards” of hospital pharmacy services and they support and enable comparable or similar level of services across Europe to the patients wherever they are in need.When we manage to implement most of the Statements, we will be as close as possible to the wishes and demands of both patients and doctors and nurses alike.

 Is there a specific Statement(s) or section(s) that you think are more relevant or urgent for Slovenia?

In Section 6, Statement 6.1 is important, because it’s poorly developed in Slovenia. In particular, postgraduate education for hospital pharmacists is very fragmented, namely we can specialize in three different areas all tackling HP professional. It is necessary to develop a specialization of hospital pharmacy in Slovenia to provide a knowledge, needed in all hospital pharmacy fields.

Have you assessed your pharmacy using the self-assessment tool. Why would you recommend it to your colleagues to assess their pharmacies with the tool?

Self assessment is very important and useful tool for hospital pharmacy managers. I, myself, am not the head of the pharmacy and have not, yet, used this tool. It is in the plan of the Section of Hospital Pharmacists to encourage our colleagues – heads of HP to use it and to start to compare or benchmark the HP services in Slovenia.

What do you think about the SILCC programme? Do you think it’s a helpful initiative to help hospitals to move towards implementation?

SILCC is a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge and network pharmacists between hospitals in different countries and learn from each other. However we should also move to the realization of the plans and show more results of this collaboration. Especially, the less developed countries need more support to use these opportunities in sense of motivation, collaboration but also financially.