Implementation Ambassador Profile: Denmark-Asal Basari


Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 16:45

Ambassadors’ Profile-Denmark, Asal Basiri  

Clinical Pharmacist at Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Amager-Hvidovre Hospital, Capital Region, Denmark.           

  • When was the first time you learned about the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy?

The Association of Hospital Pharmacists had made an announcement that they were looking for an EAHP Ambassador for the Statement Implementation Project. I thought it sounded interesting and wanted to know more so I started reading the Statements online. That was the first time I learned about the Statements.

  • How did you become involved with the Statement Implementation project?

After reading about the Statements I contacted the President of the Association of Hospital Pharmacists and then sent an application for the position. I got chosen along with my colleague Jeannette. I started being involved in the project first from afar and then from the first Ambassador’s meeting in Brussels and have been since.

  • Why do you think the project will be beneficial for Denmark?

Raising awareness about hospital pharmacy will be beneficial for Denmark so patients and other health care professionals become aware of our expertise and use it for the benefit of both groups.

  • What are the biggest needs and barriers for Statement Implementation in Denmark?

The biggest barrier is that we are not recognized as an authorized health care professional and therefore come across everyday tasks that become challenges.

  • What do you think should be the next steps in Denmark regarding the implementation project?

The next steps should be making a strategy with our association of pharmacists which is already in progress.