Implementation ambassador profile: Romania-Claudia Roxana Plesan


Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 16:15

Claudia Roxana Plesan.Chief pharmacist since  2015 at the Hospital - Oncology Center Drobeta Turnu Severin 


When was the first time you learned about the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy?

I learned about the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy in 2017, when I first joined ANFSR - the Romanian Association of Hospital Pharmacists, and I find that they provide excellent guidelines for how hospital pharmacy should be conducted in all hospital settings.

How did you become involved with the project? 

I first joined EAHP as a translator on behalf of ANFSR, so I had the chance to first translate the Statements into Romanian, thus learning everything possible about them.  


Why do you think the implementation of the Statements will be good for Romania?

I strongly believe that the implementation of the Statements will benefit the health system in Romania, as it would give hospital pharmacists a general set of regulations to follow in all hospital settings. The implementation of theEuropean Statements of Hospital Pharmacy will also help hospital pharmacists provide the best care for patients and work together with other healthcare professionals to get the best results possible.

What do you think are the biggest needs and barriers for Statement Implementation in Romania?

Currently, there is an urgent need that we adopt the Statements in Romania, as there have been many talks in the Health Ministry to create a new pharmacy specialization - Hospital Pharmacy , to include it in University Curricula and allow hospital pharmacists to become specialists in this field.

Do you think that the Self-assessment tool and the Statement Implementation Learning Collaborative Centres (SILCC) will help hospital pharmacists in Romania to move towards implementation?  

The Self-assessment tool is very important for hospital pharmacist, as they can asses the activity within their individual pharmacies and improve their weak points, with the help of the Action Plan. 

The Statement Implementation Learning Collaborative Centres (SILCC) represent a wonderful opportunity for us all to get to know the way our colleagues in other countries work, see the way they are implementing the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy, how their pharmacies function, learn from their experience and strengthen our knowledge in areas that we may find lacking in information in our own countries.