Implementation Ambassador Profile: Romania-Simona Florea


Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 12:00

Implementation Ambassador Profile: Romania-Simona Florea 

I have been working as pharmacist for 20 years and I am the chief pharmacist for 17 years at the Municipal Emergency Clinical Hospital. I am senior pharmacist in general pharmacy specialization and I have a Master Degree in Health Care Management.

 When was the first time you learned about the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy?

I had the opportunity to learn about the European Statements two years ago during the hospital pharmacists meeting.

 How did you become involved with the project?

I was very happy when our president of our  hospital pharmacy association and a few of my colleagues considered me a suitable candidate to get involved with this project. I am very proud to be part of this project and to help the European Statements to be implemented within our country.

Why do you think the implementation of the Statements will be good for Romania?

The Statements came at the right moment for our country because this year the Romanian Health Care Law will be changed so they Statements can influence the new law. The European Statements meet our goals , needs and emphasize the important role of hospital pharmacists.

What are the biggest needs and barriers for Statement Implementation in Romania?

 The biggest needs are:

    • To change the Hospital Pharmaceutical Law

The bifer barriers:

    • The limited resources of our Health System
    • Difficulties in cooperation with some healthcare professionals and the Pharmaceutical Chamber

 What is Romania doing to move towards Implementation? 

The first step to move towards implementation was to do a database with all pharmacists from Romania. As soon as we achieved this goal we were able to send emails with the important information.

We are going to have periodical regional meetings in different cities ( we have already had 7 of them) to inform our colleagues about the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy to be aware of the needs and problems when it comes to implementation.

We already had our first working group meeting in February 2017. We are going to have the second working group meeting in 20.06.2017-02.07.2017. At this meeting we are going to debate how to be able to implement the European Statements in our law. At the end of the last year we had two meetings with Health Ministry representatives and we informed them about the European Statements.The National Pharmacists Syndicates understand the importance of the European Statements and now they support us to implement this in our law.