Implementation Ambassadors Profile: Slovakia- Hajnalka Komjáthy


Friday, May 3, 2019 - 10:30

Hajnalka Kojáthy is a Clinical Pharmacist and head of the pharmacy at the Hospital Komárno in Slovakia. She is also the Implementation Ambassador for Slovakia.


When did you become aware of the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy? 

I heard about the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy four years ago, during our National Congress.

How did you become involved as implementation ambassadors for Slovakia?

My colleagues, hospital pharmacists, appointed me for this position. Special thanks to Juraj Sýkora for his trust. I think it was based on my previous activity in the field of hospital pharmacy in our country.

Why do you think that the Statements are important to improve patients’ outcomes in Slovakia?

In my opinion, implementation of Statements can significantly increase patient safety in hospitals in Slovakia. Pharmacists know a lot about medicines, but they have not had many opportunities to use their knowledge. If pharmacists could participate more in all medicine use processes, not only the level of hospital pharmacy would rise, but patient safety would also improve. Few patients know that there are hospital pharmacists who could help improve safety of their therapy.

 Why do you think that is important that hospitals in Slovakia their pharmacies using the self-assessment tool? 

The self-assessment tool helps us to find out the level of implementation of Statements. We can identify not only the level of implementation, but we can also compare it with other similar hospitals in our country as well as others. 

You are preparing a workshop with your colleagues about the self-assessment tool. Can you please tell us a little more about it?

We are organizing a special workshop about the SAT for heads of pharmacies.  It means, we will discuss all Statements, followed by filling in the SAT. Our workshop will take place on 28th May at Slovak Medical University in Bratislava.