Statement Implementation Newsletter # 3


Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 10:15

Statement Implementation website

EAHP is updating its website to include a dedicated section related to the Statement implementation project. This section will provide an overview of why the Statements are so important to a variety of stakeholders, ranging from patients and policy makers through to other healthcare practitioners, as well as our many partners in industry and academia.

The website will also provide a range of resources to help with the implementation of the Statements within individual hospitals or at the regional and national levels. These resources will include an evidence base for each of the Statements in addition to general material designed to assist our member associations with implementation.

The  website will be launched during the 22nd Congress in Cannes, France (22-24 March 2017)!
22nd Congress in Cannes
We are approaching the EAHP 22nd Congress in Cannes (22-24 March) with the theme “Hospital Pharmacists-Catalysts for Change”. During the Congress, EAHP will present the Statement implementation project and will launch an updated website. We will also have a demo version of the self-assessment tool ready to test.

Don’t hesitate to join us at the Booth 52# during the Congress to meet the EAHP Implementation team, learn more about the project and try out our new website and the demo self-assessment tool.

Register online for the Congress at:
Endorsement of the European Statement of Hospital Pharmacy
 The following European associations have endorsed the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy so far:
  • European Specialist Nursing Organizations
  • European Oncology Nursing Society
  • European Nurse Directors Associations
  • The European Heart and Lung Transplant Federation
  • European Federation of Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Associations
  • European Cancer Patient Coalition
  • European Industrial Pharmacists Group
  • European Society of Oncology Pharmacy
  • European Parkinson’s Disease Association
  • European Multiple Sclerosis Platform
  • European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy
EAHP wants to thank them for their support and active participation!

We keep working with European and national relevant stakeholders to promote the Statements and to help our member countries to move towards Statement implementation.

Moving from Statement to Implementation
The EAHP Implementation team updated the EAHP board and the Steering Implementation committee about the progress made with the project. The Steering committee was delighted with the progress made and happy to see that all their recommendations were taken into account.  We want to thank all member associations and all national implementation ambassadors for their great job during the project. By working together, we will move from Statement to implementation within all our member countries.

If you want to help your country to move towards Statement implementation or you want to learn more about the project, please contact us at: