Statement Implementation Newsletter #4


Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 16:30

Launch of the project during the 22nd Congress in Cannes

The Statement Implementation project was officially launched during the EAHP 22nd Congress (22-24 March 2017). The EAHP Implementation team updated our members a day before the Congress started.

As part of the project launch, the EAHP implementation team held meetings and presentations at the EAHP Booth. In addition to giving an update of the project, the team conducted over 100 presentations of the Statement Implementation website and the Self-assessment tool.

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Statement Implementation website

A Statement Implementation website was launched during the Congress. The EAHP website has now a section dedicated to the European Statements. This section provides an overview of why the Statements are so important to a variety of stakeholders.

The website also provides a range of resources to help with the implementation of the Statements within individual hospitals or at the level of a region or nation. These resources will include an evidence base for each of the Statements plus general material to assist our member associations and individual hospital pharmacists with implementation.

Learn more about the Statements and the implementation project at



Self-assessment tool

EAHP is developing a self-assessment tool that will allow hospital pharmacists to assess the level of implementation within their hospitals. A final beta version for testing will be sent to our members in May and workshops to discuss the tool will be run during the next General Assembly in Malta ( June 8-11).

The self-assessment tool will provide with an action plan with evidence to help hospital pharmacists implement the Statements within their hospitals. It will also be used to show progress during the project and to help hospitals understand where they are within their countries regarding Statement implementation.

A final version of the Self-assessment will be launched after the next General Assembly.





Help your country and others to move towards implementation!

EAHP and national associations are starting to gather and collect resources that will help hospital pharmacists understand the Statements and help them with implementation (e.g. articles of national hospital pharmacy journals, case-studies, national legislation, research papers…).

If you want to collaborate with EAHP and help your country and others to move towards Implementation by helping us to start building up resources, do not hesitate to contact the EAHP Implementation team!