Statement Implementation Newsletter #6


Friday, December 1, 2017 - 14:30

2nd EAHP Meeting of Implementation ambassadors

EAHP held the 2nd EAHP Meeting of Implementation ambassadors on 21 October 2017 in Brussels with representatives from 26 member countries. The meeting was a perfect opportunity to update each other on the progress made since the project started and to discuss next steps.

EAHP and national implementation ambassadors brainstormed and came up with new ideas to help members move towards implementation. EAHP also took this opportunity to discuss two upcoming initiatives: the online Self-Assessment tool and the Statement Implementation Learning Collaborative Centres programme. We want to thank all the ambassadors for their great work and for their participation! 

In addition, ambassadors unanimously agreed that assistance was needed by EAHP with regards to advocating the profession and project. EAHP will provide a training session providing ambassadors the tools necessary to facilitate change which is a necessary skill to further their implementation progress. The session is scheduled for 27 January 2018.

Stay tuned to learn more about the project and visit ourwebsite to get updated with the latest developments!



Self-assessment tool

The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) has developed and launched an online self-assessment tool providing the opportunity for hospital pharmacists to assess the level of statement implementation within their hospitals. The tool is already online!

By assessing their hospital pharmacies, hospital pharmacists will not only be able to understand the statement implementation level within their own hospitals, but also compare their progress with other hospitals within their own countries and other countries.

The tool will provide the means for hospital pharmacists to address the areas needing improvement with a tailor-made action plan and evidence-based resources. The tool will allow pharmacies to show progress as it can be updated at any time. You can find the tool here:

Do you have questions about the tool? Drop us an email at and our Implementation team will respond to your queries.

23rd EAHP Congress in Gothenburg (21-23 March, 2018)

EAHP will officially launch the Self-Assessment tool (with exciting awareness materials and activities at the EAHP booth!) and the Statement Implementation Learning Collaborative Centres (SILCC) programme during the next 23rd EAHP Congress in Gothenburg.

The SILCC programme is an EAHP initiative allowing hospital pharmacists to receive training in modern and innovative procedures related to the Statements while visiting hospitals from other member countries.

Don’t forget to register for the Congress, you can still take advance of the discounted rate until January 31. Click here to register and learn more about the programme for the 23rd EAHP Congress!