Statement 5.9

Section 5

“Hospital pharmacists should ensure that the information needed for safe medicines use, including both preparation and administration, is accessible at the point of care.”

What does it mean for patients? Multidisciplinary collaboration improves medicines utilisation and so patient safety. To guarantee correct preparation and administration of medicines health care professionals require specific competencies and need to have access to adequate information and recommendations at the point of care. 

What does it mean for healthcare professionals? Hospital pharmacists assist other healthcare professionals by giving adequate information and recommendations to have a complete prescription that permits correct preparation, administration and use of medicines. 

Adequate information and recommendations should be available while preparing and administrating medicines. 

What does it mean for Hospital Pharmacists? Hospital pharmacists should ensure that the officially recognised drug information by the authorities is available to all healthcare professionals. If such references are not available, a list of generally accepted references should be provided. 

Hospital pharmacists should develop written recommendations for specific medicines that require special attention to ensure correct preparation and administration. 

Hospital pharmacists should purchase and distribute ready-to-use medicines whenever possible and available.