Statement 6.3

Section 6

“A European-wide framework for initial post graduate education and training in hospital pharmacy with an assessment of individual competence is essential. In addition, hospital pharmacists should engage in relevant educational opportunities at all stages of their career.” 

What does it mean for patients? To assure that in all European countries pharmacists provide a similar level of service to patients it is necessary to harmonise the education by creating a competency framework based on job description, skills, education, practical training, specific roles and Continuous Professional Development (CPD

What does it mean for healthcare professionals? Healthcare professionals should be aware that the hospital pharmacist is in a position to provide professional support within the healthcare team to assist the prescribing and administration of medicines due to an appropriate and continuous education harmonised at the European level.

What does it mean for Hospital Pharmacists? The training of hospital pharmacists should be standardised across Europe and recognised. Any accepted framework should enable hospital pharmacists to develop the required skill set in a supportive environment while meeting their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for their registration.