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EAHP Statements Survey 2015-S6.2: The pharmacists in our hospitals are able to demonstrate their competency in performing their roles: PDF icon Survey Statements 2015-S.6.2.pdf
EAHP Statements Survey 2015-S5.10 "Medicines in our hospitals are packaged and labelled to assure they are safely optimised for administration" PDF icon Survey Statements 2015-S.5.10.pdf
EAHP Statements Survey 2015-S.2.6"The pharmacy in our hospitals takes responsibility for all medicines logistics, including for investigations medicines PDF icon S.2.6.pdf
EAHP Statements Survey 2015-S.5.7 "The medicines administration process in our hospitals ensures... PDF icon Survey Statements 2015-S.5.7.pdf
EAHP Statements Survey 2015-S.6.3 "The pharmacists in our hospitals engage in relevant educational opportunities" PDF icon Survey Statements 2015-S.6.3.pdf
EAHP Statements Survey 2015-S5.6 "Our hospital has appropriate procedures in place to identify high-risk medicines and minimise the risks from their use in the following areas"? PDF icon Survey Statements 2015-S.5.6.pdf
EAHP Statements Survey 2015-S.2.5 "The pharmacy in our hospital has contingency plans for medicines shortages" PDF icon S.2.5.pdf
EAHP Statements Survey 2015-S5.3 "Does your hospital have a quality assessment programme?" PDF icon Survey Statements 2015-S.5.3.pdf
EAHP Statements Survey 2015-S.5.3.3 "Our hospital acts on these reports to improve the quality and safety of our medicines use processes?" PDF icon Survey Statements 2015-S.5.3.3.pdf
EAHP Statements Survey 2015-S.5.2.4 "In the past three years have you undertaken an audit to identify priorities for improvement in medicines use processes?" PDF icon Survey Statements 2015-S.5.2.4.pdf