Statement 1.2

Section 1

"At a European level, ‘Good Hospital Pharmacy Practice’ guidelines based on the best available evidence should be developed and implemented. These guidelines will include corresponding human resources and training requirements and assist national efforts to define recognised standards across the scope and levels of hospital pharmacy services."

What does it mean for patients?Patients should be assured that for each individual patient pharmaceutical care that is provided in each hospital of any country is in accordance with European standards.

What does it mean for healthcare professionals?Healthcare professionals should be aware that hospital pharmacists approach their work and provide their support to all healthcare professionals is according to, defined and guided by European approved standards.

What does it mean for Hospital Pharmacists?Hospital pharmacists will have clear goals and pathways to achieve excellence in their professional practice in the hospital. They are expected to contribute to and organize the work according to European guidelines concerning coverage and scope of the services provided and to assure adequate training of pharmacists with this aim.