Statement 1.4

Section 1

"All hospitals should have access to a hospital pharmacist who has overall responsibility for the safe, effective and optimal use of medicines. Health authorities should ensure that each hospital pharmacy is supervised by a pharmacist with appropriate working experience in the hospital setting, and explicit demonstration of competence in hospital pharmacy."

What does it mean for patients?Current evidence-based best practice for the treatment of patients is conducted through a multidisciplinary team. In order to ensure patients have the best possible outcomes whilst within the hospital, workforce planning must be conducted, in collaboration with health authorities. Hospital pharmacy staffing requirements should be agreed by all parties to avoid compromising the safety and treatment of patients.

What does it mean for healthcare professionals?There should be a structured national plan to ensure that the pharmacy services can be provided to patients and healthcare professionals. These services are proven through evidence-based research to contribute to improved patient outcomes. Hospital administrations should ensure that healthcare professionals are able to refer to the expert knowledge of hospital pharmacists at all stages of the medicine-use-process.

Staff shortages should be avoided by sustainable strategies.

What does it mean for Hospital Pharmacists?Health authorities and hospital administrators should acknowledge that the role of hospital pharmacists is integral to all the medication management processes. At a national and European level there should be a structured approach to the delivery of pharmacy services. For hospital pharmacists this will mean that resources should be prioritised to areas where they are of proven benefit and deliver the optimal outcome for the patient. There should be a clear career pathway with opportunities for on-going personal and professional development in each area of hospital pharmacy.
This includes data collated at local and national level to improve human resource strategy and avoid human resource shortages through sustainable strategies for workforce supply, recruitment, and retention.