Statement 1.5

Section 1

"Hospital pharmacists should work with all relevant stakeholders to develop hospital pharmacy human resource plans covering the breadth of hospital pharmacy practice. These should be aligned to engage hospital pharmacists as supervisors in all steps of all medicine use processes to meet health needs and priorities across public and private sectors that optimise medicines use and patient outcomes."

What does it mean for patients?Patients can be assured all medication policies and practices are coordinated through one multidisciplinary committee in the hospital. The medication use process appraisal is done by a multidisciplinary team which includes hospital pharmacists, who are experts in medication.

What does it mean for healthcare professionals?Doctors and nurses base their practice of prescribing and administration of drugs (including those related to off-label use and investigational medicines) on policies and procedures established by the Drug & Therapeutics Committee, a multidisciplinary team that includes several experts including hospital pharmacists.

What does it mean for Hospital Pharmacists?Hospital pharmacists are key resource of the Drug &Therapeutics Committee. The Hospital Pharmacist must provide all the relevant information to the committee as well as managing the practice changes that arise from the committee decisions. This will be measured by the change management processes and clinical audits.