Statement 4.6

  • Section 4

"Hospital pharmacists, as an integral part of all patient care teams, should ensure that patients and carers are offered information about their clinical management options, and especially about the use of their medicines, in terms they can understand.”

What does it mean for patients? When a patient is transferred between healthcare settings there is a risk of error due to lost information in the process, as highlighted in scientific literature. Patients can expect hospital pharmacists to transfer information about their medication whenever they are moved to another healthcare setting, to provide safe and optimal continuation of treatment.

What does it mean for healthcare professionals? Complex medication treatments need clear information transfer which should be provided by using the comprehensive knowledge and understanding of medicines of hospital pharmacists

What does it mean for Hospital Pharmacists? Hospital pharmacists should contribute to transfer all medication information whenever patients are moved in another sector of care including different units of the hospital. Hospital pharmacists should attempt to resolve any medication related issues and use a pharmacy information record to communicate this information. If not established hospital pharmacists should establish this record

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